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2021 New design owl children & kids educational toy soft fabric activity quiet cloth book

Perfect gift for a baby
Baby learning toy
Durable and fashion design
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Smart Owl!
Baby Cloth Book
Black and white toy books are very suitable for newborns. This high-contrast black-and-white baby toy book is an excellent choice for newborns to watch black and white objects with their eyesight, to help vision development! The inner page contains elements that can be lifted, search for hidden surprises, touch and feel textures, and improve self-awareness through baby safety glasses , Enjoy the wrinkle page!
Product Description
  • Item          Baby Cloth Book
  • Material    Polyeater
  • Size          18*18cm
  • Page         10 pages 
  • ID             WD-CB001 

Baby cloth book

Product feature

01 TUMMY TIME toy books


Our soft educational books have dazzling and bright colors, which not only allow babies to play games and expand their vocabulary, but also help stimulate important key skills such as language and reading, communication, and imagination. Power and sensory skills. In addition, the flip on each page will allow your child to practice turning the page and move to the next page, helping to develop motor skills!




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Babies like to explore and sometimes chew books with vivid pictures and bright colors printed on them. Our cloth book is made of non-toxic, safe and high-quality materials, which are extremely durable and have strong stitches. The color will not fade, and the book will not tear due to washing. In order to allow you to easily carry your baby's cute toys, this cloth book has a handle, suitable for baby carriages, playpens and other activities.

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