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Wholesale soft fabric 3d kid puppet cloth book for baby

Perfect gift for a baby
Baby learning toy
Durable and fashion design
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Hand Puppet
Baby Cloth Book
Cute animal design
Use a new design that combines animals and hand puppet cloth books, allowing babies to explore the animal world happily and look for hidden surprises during reading. Designed to allow children to play and learn.
Product Description
  • Item             Baby Cloth Book
  • Material       Polyeater
  • Size              15*13cm
  • Page             8 pages 
  • ID                 WD-CB005
Baby Cloth Book
Product feature

A favorite baby early learning educational toys

Colorful, simple words can stimulate language skills, sensory skills, communication skills and rich imagination, allowing your child to win at the starting line. It's never too early to start reading to children. 


The best interactive toy

By playing role-playing games, mom and dad can interact with interesting props. Attract your baby's attention through interesting stories and enhance the relationship between parents and children. It is very suitable as a prop for telling stories and cultivating creativity and imagination.

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