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Wholesale cloth activity book Washable baby cloth photo book Soft fabric children books

educational cloth book
cloth photo book
record every moment
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Photo album book
Freeze the most beautiful moment
Soft cloth book
Cloth book
best gift for child
Unforgettable memory
Product Description
  • Item          Photo album book
  • Material    100% polyester
  • Size          14*18cm / custom
  • Page         24 pages
  • ID              WD-CB005
  • MOQ         500pcs
  • Package    Opp bag/ opp bag+head card/ pvc bag/ box or custom
Product Feature

Record every moment of your baby's growth

The child from small to large growth of photos printed into an album book, record the baby's growth changes at any time, grow up can be more as a birthday gift to him, this is the best gift for the baby, he will love it.



Best gift for baby

Treasure mothers must have a feeling that the baby grows very fast, from babbling to eloquently speaking, from swaying to flying, seems to be just the blink of an eye. Creating a photo book for your baby is one of the most creative and memorable ways. For bao Bao's parents, we can present the baby's growth photos and videos in a more emotional way, which can be used as a permanent memory and can also be shared with relatives and friends.

Create the baby's growth photo book, this is the witness of the baby's growth, when the booklet left parents and the baby experienced happiness together, when the baby grew up and opened again, he will know how beautiful his parents once, how heavy the parents' kindness. The small booklet is the witness of the baby's growth. When the baby gets married, the tears of happiness will fall at that moment when he opens his booklet. When the baby is old, his hair is already gray and the imprint of time has fallen, the small book is a review of his life.
Baby growth photo books leave the most beautiful innocence of babies. Generally speaking, baby growth photo books will be based on baby birth photos, 100 days of sunshine, first crawling, walking, talking and the funny things that happened in the process. This is the embodiment of the baby's innocence, the reproduction of the baby's childhood life.